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Peterhof Faktoring

About us

About us

In order to improve liquidity and competitive position of companies in Serbia and the region, Peterhof Faktoring provides them with domestic, international and reverse invoice factoring services, as well as discounting their bills of exchange. Precision, flexibility and accuracy in every transaction are main principles on which our business has been built. Our vision is to became our clients’ reliable and long-term partner on the basis of efficient and economical invoice factoring services.

By providing favorable conditions for our services, we tend to ensure desirable outcome and economic benefits to all parties involved in every invoice factoring transaction. Invoice factoring shortens company’s cash conversion and operating cycle, hence making it more a more reliable business partner to their suppliers and customers. Peterhof Faktoring’s mission is to lay foundation for improvements of companies’ domestic and international competitiveness, by successfully providing more clients with invoice factoring services.   


Domestic and international invoice factoring

If too long invoice maturities bring about liquidity issues, Peterhof Faktoring is able to instantly redeem your account receivables and then wait for repayments directly from your customers.

Lack of cash may bring about short-term liquidity issues and therefore make company unable to pay for its operating expenses, meet its obligations towards suppliers, creditors and the state and undertake new investments.

By timely redeeming your obligations, Peterhof Faktoring may help you avoid any liquidity issues and its potential consequences. Your customer then repays its obligations to Peterhof Faktoring directly on maturity date.

Since customers expect longer maturities, invoice factoring services may provide you with opportunity to meet their needs and preserve competitiveness, and at the same time avoid liquidity issues due to longer invoice maturities.

In accordance with the Factoring law, Peterhof Faktoring may redeem existing, outstanding or even future short-term receivables, derived from both domestic and international product and services sales agreements. Therefore, services of Peterhof Faktoring shall be available to you without regard to the origin of your customer. 


Recourse factoring

Recourse factoring may provide you with more favorable conditions due to risk sharing of final payment with Peterhof Faktoring. In case your customer is unable to timely redeem its obligations, Peterhof Faktoring shall keep the right to claim the amount previously paid to you.


Non-recourse factoring

Non-recourse factoring may exempt you from any further claims by Peterhof Faktoring, in case your customer does not timely pay its obligations. This type of invoice factoring is usually utilized in cases when your customer has significant creditworthiness. The only debtor in this case would be your customer, from which Peterhof Faktoring would expect timely redemption.


Reverse (supply chain) factoring

Peterhof Faktoring may also redeem obligations towards your domestic or foreign suppliers, after which you would be obliged to pay the initial obligation on its due date to Peterhof Faktoring directly.

By using reverse factoring, your supplier shall acquire necessary cash in advance which shall therefore lead to more favorable commercial terms. Additionally, accuracy in obligation redemption will have positive impact on your long-term relationship.


Bills of exchange discounting

By discounting bills of exchange from your creditworthy customers prior to their maturity date, you shall prevent any potential liquidity gaps. The amount of bill of exchange, diminished by discount, shall be paid to you immediately, while the whole amount shall be redeemed from the customer on maturity date. 

Peterhof Faktoring discounts bills of exchange derived from trade of products and services with the intention of differed payment, which were previously registered in the relevant register by the National bank of Serbia.

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